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Aerwave was established one goal in mind: to improve the Wi-Fi experience. What we’ve ended up with is something that does just that – and more.


Today’s Wi-Fi networks lack the flexibilty required for secure, seamless access. Closed Wi-Fi networks are ideal for security, but they waste a ton of resources. Open Wi-Fi networks are ideal for connectivity, but lack security. Finding, choosing, securing networks; it’s all quite an undertaking to get the access that people want.

With all of these issues, we wanted a simpler solution. The answer: Aerwave.

Aerwave provides you with one network, dedicated to you and customizable by you. Rather than keep that network in one place, it follows you around so that you don’t have to deal with the hassle of finding safe networks, handling passwords, or securing your data.

With Aerwave, it’s all done for you, wrapped up in one nice package.

By developing a network of partner locations, we are expanding the reach of Aerwave every day. You can find your network in coffee shops, hotels, college campuses, retail and commercial locations, and more. As Aerwave grows, we are putting traditional Wi-Fi in the rear view mirror.

How It Works

Aerwave allows you to connect to a network that you know and trust and bring it with you as you move around a location or to any place Aerwave is offered. A customized, dynamic Wi-Fi experience – only with Aerwave.

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Partner With Us

Looking to improve user experience? If you think that you have a good location for Aerwave and want to help grow the network, let’s get the ball rolling.

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