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Aerwave allows you and your team to receive a custom private Wi-Fi network, anywhere that Aerwave is located. No more sharing passwords or working in an unsecured environment. Aerwave’s private encryption means that your information is secured from those around you. What’s best is that your Aerwave network is dynamic; it shows up when you are in the area and goes away when you leave.



We’ve taken the static nature of traditional Wi-Fi and made it dynamic. Now when you enter any Aerwave location, we recognize you and automatically deliver your private network.



We’ve taken almost all of the Wi-Fi controls and moved them to the cloud. Now, we can use cloud computing to control network access and delivery in real-time.


The biggest hassle of Wi-Fi is that it’s a series of non-communicating, non-coordinated systems. Aerwave coordinates all of the hardware in the cloud in order to provide you seemless access to your network.


Our goal is to make your wireless experience better. By focusing on security and privacy, we have developed a system that automates your Wi-Fi network so that you can have more control in the places that you go most. Whether you’re closing deals, accessing files, uploading videos, blogging, or simply browsing, Aerwave is present to provide you with a secure connection that can put your mind at ease. And by using a cloud coordination platform, we allow you to customize your network to improve performance, control who has access to your network, and integrate your systems on the back-end. Traditional Wi-Fi just can’t compare to Aerwave.


Aerwave can be found in airports, coffee shops, coworking space, conference centers, public points-of-interest among many other locations across the globe. Check out our current locations here and if you don’t see Awewave in a place that you want, please let us know where we should land next.

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