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Technology That Grows With You

Today. it’s essential to offer internet access, but that doesn’t mean your customers are looking for “Free Wi-Fi.” They need secure access and a network to support it. Aerwave not only provides the security your customers need, the platform is 100% automated and flexible, meaning you don’t need to lift a finger when your network demands grow.

Why Partner With Aerwave

Grow Your Top-Line

Aerwave gives you a tool to increase revenue simply by offering Aerwave to your users. They’re already at your location, why not make a little more money from something they’re already using?

Give Customers What They Need

Your users need it, whether they’re asking for it or not. Aerwave gives you with the ability to provide your users with the privacy and security they need.

Keep Your Existing Wireless

Adding Aerwave to your location doesn’t mean a total overhaul. Aerwave is designed to be flexible, meaning you can use Aerwave and continue to offer your free Wi-Fi.

Support for Your Wireless

We monitor your wireless 24/7, managing everything from the cloud. We’ll help assess outages and provide you the real-time feedback if there are any issues.

Increase Security

Secure not only your customers, but your internal systems. You want to keep your users happy, but you also probably want to keep yourself happy. Private networks for your company, your employees, and your customers keep everyone at bay.

The Wave of the Future

Aerwave’s cloud-based platform is redefining the network of the future. Your customers deserve the most sophisticated network offering in the market.

Is My Location a Good Fit?

Do you currently offer any kind of Wi-Fi at your location? Great! You’re a fit for Aerwave. Whether it’s customers at your coffee shop, your hotel guests, or companies coming into town for a meeting, we want to make sure everyone has access to a private network so they can feel good knowing their data is secure. Any shared space is a great fit for Aerwave. We are partnering with business owners, enterprises, and public points-of-interest in order to bring users the dynamic private networks they want.


If you think that you have a good location for Aerwave and want to help grow the network, submit your information to us below and we'll be in touch as soon as possible.